Food from your favourite takeaways and restaurants

The Wollaton, Wollaton.


Roast belly pork, with all the trimmings. 

Beer battered fish and duck fat fried chips - also from The Wollaton

 Shadab Balti, Beeston

It's as basic as they come, a Chicken Tikka Masala, but my word, they do it well.

The best Indian takeaway in Beeston?


                                  Happy Phoenix, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (NYE 2011)

Pork chow mein

Special fried rice

Sweet and sour chicken balls

Cantonese pancake roll

Prawn toast

Curried somosa

Roast duck in orange sauce

Chicken wing thing (part of a starter bag which contained much goodness)


Happy Phoenix,  Beeston. (My favourite Chinese) 

Seriously can't get enough of Chinese.  

Chicken Curry

Special Fried Rice (with sliced bbq pork and chicken) 

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Cantonese Pancake Rolls.

Happy Phoenix (AGAIN)

 Crispy aromatic duck in pancakes with Hoi Sin sauce,

BBQ spare ribs, 

chicken chow mein, 

special fried rice, 

crispy pancake rolls,

curry sauce.


 Another Chinese!

Love 'em.

Sweet and Sour chicken balls,

chicken curry,

fried rice, 

roast pork chow mein, 

crispy pancake rolls

I only ordered this because someone told me they come in those fancy boxes....and they do. 

The food was great though, see website and order from them! 


Big Tasty with bacon and a quarter pounder with cheese....and fries.

This was my tea......after i'd had a quarter pounder meal for lunch.

Proud of that. 

Worst Indian I ever had.

Crap chicken tikka masala, crap chicken donna mix kebab (obviously not Indian I know), crap soft popodoms, crap keema naan bread

Yod Siam - Beeston 

Thai Food!!

Not had thai food for years, so decided to get a takeout tonight

Satay chicken

Thai fishcakes with spicy peanut dip

Thai green chicken curry with egg fried rice

some pickle stuff (carrots, cucumber, onion.)


Nando's double chicken pitta 

T-Bone steak from The Manor, Beeston. 

Cooked to perfection with chunky chips. 


2 massive Papa Johns.  Rhys Brown sent this in and commented that he ate both of the XXL Pizzas all to himself.  Rhys Brown recently went to hospital for a tripple bypass operation.  -all the best Rhys.

Pappa John's XXL Big Smokey and some other concoction with lots of meat.  Papa Johns, kings of pizza and winners of the "Beeston Pizza Turf War" 2011  

-I didn't eat this all on my own.


Domino's 'Texas BBQ chicken' with some girly little pizza next to it and some chicken strippers, chicken kickers. 


Oh lordy, how did this slip through the net?  Another Pappa John's...... 


BBQ chicken pizza and fries from Frankie and Benny's



James Roberts tackled 2 fifteen inchers with his mate.........then they had these pizza's.



Pissed Pizza?!!

Not sure who was more drunk when I took this, me or the pizza. 

-Forno Pizza - Beeston

Random Chinese. 

This isn't even mine, someone sent me a picture of this.  Looks good though. 

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