Cheesecake?  Cheeeeeeeesecake?

 Basic ingredients :

200g butter
100g icing sugar
350g digestives
284ml double cream
600g soft cheese - Philly, stuff like that (or mascarpone)
Vanilla extract or flavouring

Stuff you'll need :
Mixing bowl
Electric or hand whisk
Cake tin - one of those that you can lift the sides off from the base
Baking parchment
Food bag (med to large)
Rolling pin / meat tenderiser / hammer - you choose
Kitchen scales

Base -
Put the digestives in the food bag and bash the hell out them until all broken up into crumbs.
Melt the butter and then add to the crumbs.
Mix the crumbs and melted buter until all crumbs are coated. 
Line the base of the tin with the baking parchment and coat the sides of the tin with a little butter.
Tip the crumb mix into a cake tin and flatten down until all evenly spread out.
Place in the fridge for approx one hour to allow the crumb mix to set
Clean the mixing bowl

Cheesecake middle bit -
Into the mixing bowl add the icing sugar and soft cheese.
Using the whisk, mix together until smooth whilst gradually adding the cream and the vanilla, whisking until all mixed together. Add the vanilla to taste.
Once all mixed together and the crumb base has had an hour to set, pour the cheesecake mixture into the cake tin and spread it out over the crumbs ensuring there are no air bubbles.
Put the cake tin back in the fridge and allow a further hour for the whole cheesecake to set.

Topping -
Can be anything you like.
I made one where I grated a couple of cubes of Cadbury's Dairy Milk into the cheesecake mixture then grated another cube over the top just prior to serving.

Another suggestion is raspberries or strawberries.
Ingredients and stuff needed :
200g of raspberries or strawberries
50g icing sugar

Squash the fruit through the sieve and into the bowl. This will ensure you only get the juice and no pips or seeds.
Add some of the icing sugar if required - depends on how sharp the tatse of the fruit is.
Then either add into the mixture or pour over the top.

Sent in by James Roberts aka "Cheesecake Man"

Had a go at making this myself.

I put chocolate shavings in the cheesecake mix and made the base MASSIVE cos i'm a greedy bastard. 

Eton Mess

Yes, this was quality.

whipped up some double cream, then placed raspberry's on, then broken meringue, then sliced strawberries, then more cream, more meringue, then more cream, then more fruit!!!!


Apple, rhubarb and current crumble

3 cooking apples
4-6 stalks rhubarb
Handful of currents or saltines

Cut Brambley apples and rhubarb into chunks and microwave on high power for 5 minutes
Add currents, a teaspoon of local honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon and mix

Add butter to self raising flour and rub together

Place filling into a oven dish, and add crumble mix over the top
Sprinkle with sugar
Cook for 30 mins @ 180oC

Serves with either custard, cream, vanilla ice cream or whatever you want

Enough for 4

-Sent in by James Roberts, made by his sister!

Wooders Cheesecake

recipe located at                                           

-sent in by the Woodgates

Buko Pandan

Pandan leaf (from Asian supermarkets), Grated coconut (Buko), Coconut milk, Fresh single cream, Condensed milk, Green Gulamen (from asian supermarkets) & sugar to taste.

Lob it all in a glass like in the picture! If you can’t get the Asian stuff, just use unflavoured jelly instead!     -recipe sent in John Smalley aka Plympie

Biko – sweet sticky rice cake dessert. 

Place ¾ can of coconut milk, water and sticky rice in a pan and boil for about 20 mins. (Keep it moving so it doesn’t burn.) Boil until almost dry, then lower the heat and add suger and chunk of butter. Mix and leave to cool.  Once it’s cool mix in an egg and spread into a shallow buttered baking tin (glass dish is better), about a couple of inches thick. Bake on 160 for about 20 minutes.


Can of condensed milk, ¼ can of coconut milk, shaved coconut and/or 1 or 2 tbs of flour to thicken in a pan. Cook on a low heat until thick. (About 15 mins & use flour to thicken).  Spread over rice cake, and put back in the over for about 15 mins. Leave to cool and serve.       

Takes a while to make but it rocks! -recipe sent in John Smalley aka Plympie

 Nando's cheesecake

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