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 Collection of fry ups!

Tristan's 'little snack' 

                                                                                                       MONSTER COB!

                                                                                           4 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 fried egg

                                                                                                   BREAKFAST BY THE BEACH

                                                                                          -sent in by Christopher Robert Miles Mason

                                                                                                    BIG FAT BACON COB


Becoming a bit of a habit really.

Basically, if you fry any leftover food it tastes good!

This one is left over chips (from the chicken and chips dinner) chopped and fried with onions, bacon and thinly sliced sausage (chorizo if you have it), accompanied with the obligatory fried eggs and a dash of salt and pepper.

Now, as this was extremely unhealthy I didn't think this would do any (more) harm, so I put a table spoon of sugar in the mix whilst frying, just to give it a subtle sweet ting.

WINNER!  When you have a hangover and you Mrs brings you one of these to bed.  

Or if you're feeling particularly greedy...  

Big breakfast with added sausage and egg bagel  

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